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January 2, 2023

Ep. 8: Listener Questions Answered (predator hunting, alpine black bears, and hide preservation)

Episode 8 starts off with the news of our first partner, stHealthy Hunter and the discound code: thenorthernhunter you can use to get a discount on all of their products. We talk about dealing with the cold weather in interior Alaska and we answer some listener questions.

Topics discussed: 

Dealing with the cold in predator hunting (gear and tactics we use).

Hide care, each step from the field to the tannery and the most common mistakes made.

Mountain black bear hunting (where and when to find them and learning the habits of the bears where you hunt).

This Podcast is brought to you by stHealthy Hunter Check out their awesome gear and supplements at: https://sthealthyhunter.com/      Use Code: thenorthernhunter for a discount at checkout. 

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