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Mission Statement

THE NORTHERN HUNTER media is comprised of experienced Alaskan outdoorsmen who strive to provide you with valuable information on hunting, fishing, and survival in Alaska's backcountry. Here you will find detailed accounts of the lessons we have learned along our journey as well as all the information you will need to confidently research, plan and execute the hunt of your dreams. Whether you are a novice hunter looking to dive head first into the outdoor life or an experienced woodsman looking for your next challenge, you have come to the right place.

Meet the Team

Our founding members.

James Paine

Founder / CEO
Born to a Midwest family in Kansas, I grew up obsessed with the pioneers, homesteaders and fur traders of old that survived in the mountains to the west. I came to Alaska in 2009 with the US Army and realized I was home. My passion for hunting was born of that childhood obsession; the desire to live a subsistence way of life and gain a closer connection to the land and everything on it. As a firearms enthusiast and avid meat hunter, I have dedicated myself to perfecting the marksmanship and various other skills required to live this outdoors life. My goal is that my team of local experts and I can provide the proven insights and quality equipment to help you take on your own challenges as an outdoorsman.
Articles by James

Dalton Gray

Chief Marketing Executive
I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, but raised in the Fiji Islands for the better part of 15 years where my family worked as missionaries. As a boy, I learned the skills of traditional archery and developed a deep love for hunting and the outdoors. Returning to my home state in 2014, I was eager to experience hunting Alaska’s backcountry and the animals that call it home. Since then, I have enjoyed hunting in every way available to me from bear bait hunting to backpack-style mountain hunting. In the recent years I have become a licensed guide and am pursuing my lifelong dream of professional hunting. I am excited for the opportunity to share my experiences from the backcountry of Alaska as well as my knowledge of the tools needed for success.
Articles by Dalton

Moriah Humphries

Technical Executive
Alaska born and raised, I have lived my entire life in the great outdoors. At the age of seven I saw my first Grizzly and Black bear not more than 10 yards away while hunting with my dad. At the age of 12 I was, once again with my dad, riding my own snow-mobile on a trapline. As a young teen I was piloting an inflatable Zodiac and picking salmon out of nets in the ocean. I have grown up hunting and taking game that most hunters only dream about. Every moment I get to spend away from modern civilization I greatly enjoy. Now amid work and life I find myself dreaming of free, open, and uncluttered country just an hour in any direction from where I live. This life has caused me to take for granted the knowledge I have of wild things and places.
Articles by Moriah

Contributing Members and Authors

Madeline Paine

Social Media Manager / Author
I'm a Michigan girl who was raised on a sailboat exploring the Great Lakes and have always felt drawn to remote and wild places. After completing a formal education in history, archaeology, and earth science I found myself in Alaska working among traditional subsistence hunters and fishermen. I am a lifelong student of the natural world and always seek to learn more about our relationship to it as human beings. I hope to connect with many other outdoorsmen and women through our social media platforms, and to highlight the deep nourishment of wild game by creating recipes so everyone who hunts can experience the joy and health these precious animal resources offer.
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