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Moriah Humphries

Alaska born and raised, I have lived my entire life in the great outdoors. At the age of seven I saw my first Grizzly and Black bear not more than 10 yards away while hunting with my dad. At the age of 12 I was, once again with my dad, riding my own snow-mobile on a trapline. As a young teen I was piloting an inflatable Zodiac and picking salmon out of nets in the ocean. I have grown up hunting and taking game that most hunters only dream about. Every moment I get to spend away from modern civilization I greatly enjoy. Now amid work and life I find myself dreaming of free, open, and uncluttered country just an hour in any direction from where I live. This life has caused me to take for granted the knowledge I have of wild things and places.


April 5, 2023
An Alaskan Hunter’s Thoughts on Fear of Bears

The public point of view on bear safety and fear around bears, even among fellow hunters, has always been an interesting phenomenon to me. It was at the age of seven when I saw my first Grizzly Bear and my first Black Bear in the wild. My dad believed in starting us young and had decided I was old enough to sit with him in the bear stand. Although I didn’t realize the significance of it at the time, my mom trusted my dad and decided to let him haul me into the bear woods. I distinctly remember three parts of the first hunts but not in any particular order...

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