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Our Partners

We strive to only work with the best companies. Companies who not only have the best products but also have our values and a strong belief in excellent character and high standards. If you believe you can trust us, then you can trust them. 
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StHealthy Hunter

Ryan and Hillary Lampers have some of the best Products for making life easier and more comfortable in the field. From the StHealthy Hunter Rifle cover and glassing pad to the Stealthy Nutrition supplements. Once you go StHealthy, you wont want to go on another hunt without them. 
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60 Inch Club

Excellent Moose hunt education, planning, and outfitting for DIY moose hunters. Their proprietary rafts easily fit in a super cub and are designed to handle hunter, gear, and moose. They also sell game bags with handles so you don't break your back while moving the quarters of your next monster bull!
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Since 1945, the Weatherby family has been at the forefront of rifle and cartridge innovation. Their esteemed Mark V action holds the reputation for the strongest action on the market today. All Mark V rifles are made at their factory in Sheridan, Wyoming.
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Bait 'em 907

The best, most reliable, and most potent bear attractants in the outdoors. All of us here at the Northern Hunter have killed bears brought in by Bait 'em 907 Bear Attractants. The sweets will have your mouth watering and the stink will put you in the doghouse, but it will be worth it because you will be bringing every bruin in the woods to your bait station. 
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Hammer Bullets

Innovative design, born from a simple desire for a better and more reliable hunting bullet. Hammer Bullets have proven themselves time and again to drop the hammer on game every time. Steve and Brian manufacture these bullets in, of course, the United States of America.
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