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James Paine

Born to a Midwest family in Kansas, I grew up obsessed with the pioneers, homesteaders and fur traders of old that survived in the mountains to the west. I came to Alaska in 2009 with the US Army and realized I was home. My passion for hunting was born of that childhood obsession; the desire to live a subsistence way of life and gain a closer connection to the land and everything on it. As a firearms enthusiast and avid meat hunter, I have dedicated myself to perfecting the marksmanship and various other skills required to live this outdoors life. My goal is that my team of local experts and I can provide the proven insights and quality equipment to help you take on your own challenges as an outdoorsman.


December 2, 2022
Environmental Effects on Bullet Trajectory

We've all been there; those early morning trips to the range in the weeks leading up to the next big hunt. Learning the grouping of your ammunition of choice, figuring out your trajectory and D.O.P.E. (Data Obtained on Previous Engagement), and working out any bad shooting habits you might have. But at the end of the day there is no shot more important than the very first one: the cold bore shot. When you dial in on your chosen prey and line up that shot, you want to have absolute confidence that your bullet will land where you place it. But what factors affect the cold bore shot? And what happens when you end up in completely different conditions than those you had at the range?

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November 23, 2022
5 Tips for Staying Warm on Winter Hunts

As Alaskans, we spend almost half our lives in harsh winter conditions. Knowing the proper way to deal with this climate is the difference between an active outdoors lifestyle all year-round and seasonal hibernation. However, these cold weather tips apply to all hunters in all northern climates. There will always be a level of discomfort when hunting in these types of conditions, but if you follow these steps and face the challenge with the proper gear and preparation, winter hunting can be a very exciting and beneficial season

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November 8, 2022
3 Bullet Types for Big Game Hunting

     In the modern day and age of ballistic science, things have come a lot farther than just a ball of lead wrapped in a copper jacket. Each bullet type on the market today was designed for a specific purpose and should be recognized as such. If you are preparing for your first big game adventure, or perhaps you had a bullet fail on you in the field and are searching for reasons why - keep reading, I can help.

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