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February 13, 2023

Ep. 14: How to Hunt Alaska: Identifying Legal Horns, Antlers, and Gender by Species

This week is continuing deeper into Alaska's hunting regulations. This time we talk about how not to harvest the wrong critter. Starting out with an interesting story about remains found from the time before cell phones and sat to sat communication. Then to Horns, Antlers, and all that. 

Moose: what is spike/fork 50, brow tine restrictions, estimating antler size, properly identifying brow tines, and more on Moe's sub-legal bull. 

Sheep: what is full curl, what are lamb tips, aging sheep by rings is only for the experts, identifying a legal full curl ram.

Caribou: differences between male/female, resident vs. non-resident tags and opportunities.

Goats: again differences in male/female, location restrictions, and a small amount of insight into Mountain Goat management. 


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