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April 17, 2023

Ep. 23: Ryan Lampers - Extreme Backcountry Hunter

In this episode we had the privilege to sit down and have our founding sponsor Ryan Lampers on the show to talk about his company
StHealthy Hunter/StHealthy Nutrition. Also discussed are his background into the outdoors and his vast experience in the mountains
hunting remote landscapes for elusive species around North America and even New Zealand.

Topics covered in this episode include:
The inspiration and beginning of StHealthy Hunter/Nutrition.
Ryan's background guiding fishing in Alaska and Kamchatka.
The perils of elite-ism in the hunting community.
Start in solo hunting.
Tipis in the backcountry.
Weatherby Rifles and the .338 RPM.
Hunting with Llamas and taking kids on a backcountry bear hunt.

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